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TNPDS Smart Ration Card Apply:

Tamil Nadu Electronic Public Distribution System (TNPDS)has started the digitalization of ration cards. The government of Tamil Nadu is issuing new Smart Ration Cards to the citizens. The old ration cards will change automatically into Smart ration cards. In this way, the Tamil Nadu government wants to control the ration system.

Types of Smart Ration Cards:

There are four types of ration cards in Tamil Nadu for the citizens under TNPDS.

  • Light Green Cards: The Tamil Nadu government issues rice and other commodities from Fair Price Shops. It includes the Antodaya Anna Yojana cardholders.
  • White Cards: The government procures 3kgs of sugar over the fixed quota.
  • No Commodity Card: These cardholders will not entitle to draw any commodity from ration shops.
  • Khaki Cards: These cards are only for the police staff up to the rank of inspectors.

How to register & apply Smart Ration Cards Online

  • As per the Tamil Nadu government, all ration cards will change into Smart Cards. For this, we need to follow the procedure for applying for a Smart Ration Card.
  • We need to open the official website link and apply it.
  • Under Smart Card Application Service, we need to click on the Smart Card Application on the page and fill the required details.
How to apply for TNPDS Smart Ration Cards
  • We need to affix the photograph of the head of the member on the form. The picture must be in GIF, jpeg, png, and jpg file under 10 KB size.
  • Candidates can upload photos of proof in GIF, jpeg, png, and jpg format up to 100 KB size and submit.
  • Candidates must add the family member’s details and other details and submit them.
  • Fill all the details and upload the files into the portal and click on the submit option.
  • After submission, a reference number will generate to check the status of the Smart Ration card.
  • With the reference number, the applicants can collect the ration in the nearest distribution center.


Other ways to apply for Tnpds Ration Card

Through Point of Sale Device:

Point of Sale is a biometric device to identify and eliminate the bogus cards and ineligible cardholders at the time of distribution of ration.

Citizens can visit the nearest ration shop with all the required documents for registration through the point of sale device.

Through Mobile Application:

Citizens can apply through a mobile app for the tnpds smart ration card. This saves you from the visiting of ration shops or registration centers. The application runs on Android and IoS for the convenience of the applicants.

Other Services available for making changes of Smart Ration Cards:

To add a member:

Open the official website where we can find the option “To add a member”, click on that and go to the section. Enter the registered mobile number and register. The applicant will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number. The applicant adds a family member and submits it.

To change the address:

After opening the website we can find the option “To change the address”. Click on the option and enter the registered mobile number, an OTP generates. There the applicant can change the address.

Change the Family Leader:

To change the head of the family member name the applicant had to visit the website and click on “Change the family Leader”. Enter the registered mobile number to generate OTP. The applicant can change the head of the family member.

Just as the above applicant can remove the name of the family member, cancel or surrender the ration card, change sugar card to rice card and check the service request status of the card.

Updating the existing Smart Ration card:

  • We can update the existing smart ration card by opening the official website – for link click here
  • There is an option of “Correction of Details”, click on that and go to the section “Correct your Smart Card”.
  • We have to enter the registered mobile number to open the correction form.
  • The applicant receives OTP to the registered mobile number and after entering the OTP the changes can be made.
  • Affix the photo of the head of the family member and submit.
  • After the successful Submissions of the corrections required you will get a reference number to check the status of the ration card.

Complaints regarding Smart Ration card:

  • If the citizens facing some grievance related to the smart card application or any other issue, they can register a complaint through this portal.
  • Visit the official website homepage, there will be an option on the left-hand side “Register a complaint”.
  • Click on that and the complaint registration page opens.
  • Fill the details regarding name, mobile number, email and description of the complaint. Submit the complaint.
  • Citizens can check the status of their complaints and send feedback.
  • Citizens who already registered for Smart Ration card are only eligible to raise complaints.
TNPDS - Register complaints

TNEPDS is providing SMS service to the citizens of Tamil Nadu. Below are the services:

  1. To know the availability of commodity at the Ration shop
  2. To raise a complaint about billing.
  3. Know the status of the ration shop.

Help desk Contact Number:

For more assistance and information we can contact helpline numbers 1967 & 1800 425 5901.


As per Covid-19 Lockdown relief, Tamil Nadu is providing the essential provisions like rice, pulses, cooking oil and sugar for the vulnerable ration card holders at free of cost. Every cardholder will get financial assistance of Rs 1000/- for the months of April and May.

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